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Feedback on Pool Piece

June 12, 2008

I just wanted to say how absolutely fabulous pool piece is. I visited Amwell view this morning for a meeting and was told my son Toby was taking part. I was allowed to sneak in for the last 10 minutes. The attention to detail, visual spectacle and accompanying sounds, music and singing were all awesome and I found it quite moving. I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation for creating a truly unique and incredibly rich experience for my son and the others taking part.

– Julie, Parent


Pool Piece design update

May 9, 2008

Things are progressing well in the design department. We have a team of experienced Oily Cart freelance designers/makers who are getting to grips with the challenges of making props for the water which will stand up to some rough interactivity. Jesus, our production manager is co-ordinating the set and props and I am overseeing the wardrobe.

Max, our musical director has been inspired by the Gamelan instruments which are being played by our musician, Kathy Toy. I have taken the visuals which go with the music as my starting point. I have had a ball watching clips of video on u-tube.

Jens Cole has designed and made a wonderful boat which contains 2 gongs and lanterns. Will Datson has created both portable and static fountains which will add greatly to the watery theme. We have recently been joined by Stephen Heath who as well as being a great maker, is also a master at the didgeridoo. He is making us a set of instruments. Maija Nygren is working on the hats and Lieutske Visser is recovering umbrellas and making sparkling shirts. We have 2 work experience design assistants: Roberta Avidiano and Emma Habbeshon, who are doing wardrobe work (beading) and prop making (painting etc.). I have been beading hats and collars. Jesus and Sunghee are working on the electrics. We are enjoying the sparkly mirror theme in the show.

I am going to go to the pool today with the company to see how the show is coming together.

This is my first time blogging. I would like to add some pics but haven’t managed it yet. Watch this space.

Claire de Loon